Saturday, 07 April 2007

Easter treat time!

Yummy springtime easter nests to celebrate the sun coming out in London at last. So easy it makes you want to cry. Or make more.

9 Shredded Wheats (1/2 a box)
2 blocks of dark chocolate
1 1/2 bags of Mini Eggs (2 if you have the munchies)

Melt chocolate. Keep ice on hand if you burn yourself on the pyrex dish.
Crush the Shredded Wheats to fine 'nest-like' consistency.
Stir chocolate into the Shredded Wheats until all are thoroughly coated.
Use a large spoon and dollop big dollops of mixture onto greaseproof paper.
Push three (or fewer if you've eaten them all) Mini Eggs into the centre of each dollop.
Leave to set (pop them in the fridge if you're impatient).

Yum yum. Happy Easter!


Dr Phil said...

I can now confirm these are the shiznitz. And not just cos I'm dating the cook...

Nazz said...

And not just because there was bribery involved either...

Greg said...

Are they kosher?

Nazz said...

Ya, for sure. Although you may want to check the ingredients on the Mini Eggs. Who knows what Cadbury's are up to these days?